Management Liability Coverage

IWA’s is proud to offer Management Liability Coverage. This coverage includes Directors & Officers Liability, Employment Practices Liability, Fiduciary Liability, Fidelity Insurance (Commercial Crime), and Cyber Liability for private and not-for-profit companies. Admitted in all 50 states and written through an Admitted, A-Rated Carrier.

Employers today face an ever-changing legal landscape of employment laws and regulations that create many difficulties in the workplace. Areas such as hiring, termination, disabilities, employee benefits, and work-from-home options all present tough decisions. Those decisions can impact a company’s workplace culture and morale as well as have a fiscal impact on the company.

Nowadays, claims of wrongdoing are becoming more commonplace.  Business owners are finding that customers, shareholders, investors, and even other employees are looking to hold people accountable for mistakes.  Legal proceedings set companies back by hundreds, thousands, and even millions of dollars.  Often members of management find themselves the target of a claim, they often must fund the legal proceedings out of their own pockets.  

Management Liability policies offer comprehensive coverage that covers allegations of wrongdoing, directed at the company, its managers, directors, and officers.  Therefore, it can offer financial security for both businesses and individuals at the top. It will typically payout for the costs of a wide variety of claims.