Discover Why IWA Is the Insurance Source for the FabriCare Industry

Since 1946, IWA has been offering specialized coverage solutions through our FabriCare Advantage™ dry cleaners insurance program to dry cleaners, restoration companies and coin-operated/self-service laundromats.  Endorsed by leading industry organizations, FabriCare Advantage™ protects more dry cleaners than any other program in the country and features greater targeted coverage than most direct markets. The program provides coverage for a broad range of operations from mom-and-pops to large, multi location dry cleaners. Our professional staff’s experience and knowledge in this industry segment provides insureds and our insurance agency partners with the benefit and security of knowing they will get enhanced and specialized insurance protection with us.

We work with both the business owner as well as the local insurance agent.  There is no difference in price, so it is up to you if you want to work directly with IWA or you would prefer to have a local agent handle the insurance for you.

Here is information on our Bailee Options – Unlimited and $500,000