Insurance for Convenience Stores

Irving Weber Associates is the trusted choice when it comes to insurance for convenience stores.  Our C-Store Insurance Program addresses the unique risks of local convenience stores.  IWA’s insurance for convenience stores is available for small- to medium-sized operations with or without gas sales that are at least 3,000 square feet.


Local Insurance Agents don’t need to be appointed with IWA to access insurance for convenience stores.   You can have one policy with us, or hundreds.  IWA doesn’t have minimum revenue requirements either.  Therefore, doing business with IWA is simple.  When you send in a submission, our underwriters review it for eligibility.  If it is elegible, we send you a formal proposal to present to your customer.  Once you are ready to bind, you will be asked to complete a broker agreement and submit a copy of your E&O and license.  It’s that simple.  Our goal, as a General Insurance Agent, is to offer Insurance Programs that can be easily accessed by local insurance agents for their commercial customers without the need to be “appointed”.  Moreover, we provide our agents and their commercial clients with industry-specific, commercial insurance coverage.  All our carriers are A Rated by A.M. Best and admitted.  

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