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What Insurance Coverage do Auto Body & Auto Repair Operations Need?

The goal for clients in the auto repair industry is to keep their customers on the road and feel as safe as possible behind the wheel. But what happens when it’s the auto shop that needs repair? For these clients’ insurance agents, the work never ends when it comes to keeping them in business.

Having a healthy auto repair shop insurance plan helps to keep these businesses running smoothly without the stress of being hit with a significant claim from one of their customers. And while Selling Insurance Post-COVID may seem challenging, the simple fact is that people are still driving around, which means they’ll need their cars repaired, and auto shops will need coverage to protect their assets from the liabilities associated with working on vehicles. Any injury, error, or property damage can result in an expensive claim or lawsuit.

However, with the proper level of business insurance tailored to meet this industry’s needs, clients can handle their risks with more safety and support.

Here are the different insurance programs that clients in the auto body industry can and should pursue.

Garage Liability

Just like regular business insurance, a garage liability insurance policy provides coverage for an auto repair shop against lawsuits and medical costs resulting from an injury to someone while on the premises. Unlike traditional office buildings, auto garages often produce more severe injuries, including slips and falls, pinching, and heavy lifting injuries, so particular liability policies are required to provide this essential protection. 

Business Auto Insurance

Auto repair shops often have their employees get behind the wheel of a customer’s car to test drive it, even if it’s just a short spin around the parking lot. This helps them ensure they did their job correctly after a repair or allows them to listen or look for things they may have missed.

In this situation, a repair shop will need to purchase a commercial auto insurance policy that protects their employees, the customers’ cars, and their business if an accident does occur. Even if it’s just a bump on the fender, customers can sue the mechanic. Business auto insurance policies also protect your clients if their employees need to run errands like getting supplies or if they get into an accident while picking up lunch.

Business Interruption Insurance

If the unthinkable does happen and an entire repair shop closes (I.E., floods, hurricanes, Acts of God), they’ll still need to pay the bills, like rent/mortgage, income, taxes, and pay suppliers. Also known as loss of income coverage, business interruption insurance helps keep clients in business when unexpected events occur. This insurance also helps keep businesses afloat by paying for a temporary site to operate out of if they need one.

Workers’ Compensation

Depending on the state the client operates in, workers’ compensation is most likely a necessary piece of coverage they’ll need. This insurance program covers medical care and rehabilitation and helps replace lost wages until employees can return to work. Workers’ compensation also reduces a business’s liability for work-related injuries and illnesses. Without coverage, employees can sue an auto repair shop for work-related injuries to help pay for their medical costs or lost wages. 

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