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What Customers Want in a Laundromat

New laundromats need a few things before they open their doors and start the spin cycle. Besides making sure the machines work and the WiFi works, laundry businesses should also make sure everything is protected like with laundromat insurance, which can keep those machines safe, and paying attention to what customers are wanting.

Customers may be expecting a well-kept space to do their laundry, but there’s more to gaining new customers and retaining others than a nice coat of paint. Below you’ll find out some other surefire ways to meet the needs of your customers.

What Your Customer Want in a Laundromat


Machine maintenance should be a top priority for every laundromat owner. If the machines don’t work, the customers can’t use them. Or if they have consistent issues with malfunctioning machines customers may pick up their laundry and head somewhere else.

Be sure to offer the best possible machines that can handle big loads and promote consistency when it comes to quality of washing and drying. Equipment is just as important as location and cleanliness.


The focus on laundromats today is to be more energy efficient as a lot of work goes into cleaning and drying clothes. Energy efficiency promotes a great return on investment and curb costly power bills that can run up high, especially in the summer months. Be sure to invest in energy-efficient options to save some money in the long run.


Location, location, location. This can’t be stressed enough and for good reason. For new laundromats looking to open their first doors or expand to another spot, there should be a importance put on where to set up shop. Before picking out machines and color schemes, be sure to scout out the location of a potential laundromat. Survey the surrounding area for things like parking, well-lit areas, other businesses, and overall safety.


No one wants to do their laundry in a dirty place. Offering services that are all about cleaning would be contradictory in an unclean space. Customers want to be able to use your machines without having to worry about various sanitary issues. Since they’ll more than likely be sitting and waiting around inside your business, it’s best to make them feel comfortable in a tidy and clean area.


For most customers, their breaking point could come down to price and value. Competitive prices for wash and dry services are vital to any laundromat. Be sure to analyze the market to make sure what you’re charging is fair and within the lines of your competitors.

Open Hours

Laundromats can be open for 24 hours, offering customers service at any time. If you’re looking to close the doors at some point, a good starting point is to be open from 5am to 10pm. This opens up the opportunity for those who work a regular 9-5 job to come in before or after they work to get their clothes taken care of.


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