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What Are Common Grocery Store Workers’ Comp Claims?

Grocery Store Workers' Comp Claim Examples

Working in a supermarket can be a physically and mentally demanding job and with the recent demands of consumers during the COVID-19 outbreak, grocery store employees are expected to work harder and longer to meet the stocking and supply needs. What’s more, technology has made shopping easier for consumers while adding a new way to work for employees, such as those who take care of online orders, increasing the risk for workers’ comp claims.

Grocery Store Workers’ Comp Claim Examples

Many of these workers face risks every day on the job and most are not able to afford to be off work if they get injured in some way. Fortunately, they may be able to file workers’ compensation claims to receive the benefits needed to pay for medical treatments and replace lost wages. But before claims are made and Grocery Insurance Program benefits are sent out, it’s important to know some common workers’ comp claims made by grocery store employees.

Slips and Falls

Every year, more than one million people go to an emergency room due to a slip and fall accident, and with factors such as mopping floors, loose grapes, and spilled liquids waiting around every corner potentially, grocery store workers are more at risk than the average person. And now, with more and more workers needed to stock shelves and displays to meet the needs of shoppers, such as toilet paper and paper towels, workers are at risk of falling off ladders or tripping over shelving units, which can lead to anything from sprained ankles to major back and head injuries.


A common workplace injury for grocery store workers is overexerting an injury caused by doing the same movement(s) over and over as part of their job. Whether it’s lifting and lower boxes that are too heavy for them, leading to back and neck injuries, or wrist injuries from scanning, overexertion can play a major role in workers’ comp claims.

Vehicle Accidents

Ordering groceries online for at-home delivery seemed like a cool experiment about a decade ago. But with the development of mobile technology, and a push for food delivery in general, grocery stores have followed suit and have developed grocery delivery options for consumers. But what if the grocery delivery driver gets into a wreck or is injured while on the road? Vehicle accidents can happen to anyone, including grocery employees who are just doing their job.

Food Prep

Food preparers, especially those in the meat department, work with potentially dangerous tools that can lead to major injuries. Knives, saws, scissors, meat-cutting equipment, and more can cause potential cuts and more intense injuries if not handled correctly. In the bakery department, bakers can suffer burns or cuts themselves, causing long-term pain. Additionally, in light of COVID-19, we have seen food freshness and sanitation come into question.

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