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Staying on Top of Water Trends: Watch for Rising Rates

As water shortages become a more evident reality, both business and personal use needs to be regulated. As a laundry operator, there are going to be inherent challenges that the business will need to overcome to avoid penalties as a result of over-usage. Controlling business funds is an important part of running a successful laundry business. While an insurance policy will not protect you against penalties arising from state violations, minding these types of regulations and adhering to risk management best practices is an important part of a comprehensive Commercial Laundry Insurance.

John Schultz, senior manager of water, energy and waste solutions for Ecolab stated “Initially, a commercial laundry could see annual increases of 5-15% in water and sewer rates, but those figures could go even higher.”

California and other states are moving to reduce water use, increase water prices, and call for greater transparency into water use, according to American Dry Cleaner. In order to prevent these additional fees, consider recycling water. Consult with your equipment and chemical providers to determine whether or not a water reuse system would function in your facility.

Contaminants naturally affect the quality of water. Especially in areas of drought, total dissolved solids and total suspended solids (TDS and TSS, respectively) are more likely to occur. Installing water treatment systems to improve water softness and quality are a viable option to prevent this issue. American Dry Cleaner also states that other laundries are installing green sand filters to reduce iron and manganese concentrations which cause yellowing or browning of textiles and reverse osmosis filters are being installed to decrease TDS concentrations. This way, your textiles will remain in great condition and will not be compromised.

Water scarcity can have severe impacts on laundry businesses. In order to monetize exactly how much this will cost your business, use the Water Risk Monetizer at This financial tool will put potential loss into perspective and can be considered in decision making.

At Irving Weber Associates, Inc. we understand what it takes to run a successful Dry Cleaner or Laundromat business, including investing in a comprehensive FabriCare Insurance Program to ensure that you are financially protected against legal claims. For more information regarding our products and services, please contact us today at 855.764.7406.