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Various Risks Facing Grocers


There are a few common risks for grocers that owners should be aware of to help protect their stores. While some of these risks are common to other businesses and other industries, grocery stores have unique risks. Knowing these various risks that grocery stores face helps to be aware of scenarios that can end up harming their overall business operations.

Here are three common grocery store risks that should be well documented and well known to avoid significant legal and financial pitfalls.


Theft is a common risk that all retailers face, regardless of the type of business they run. But grocers have a more challenging time handling theft due to the nature of their products. Unlike retailers that sell expensive goods, retail grocery stores don’t usually have the latest and greatest high-tech security systems. This makes theft more likely and easy to conceal.

Furthermore, many grocers are depending more heavily on self-checkout systems to help customers save time. However, the convenience of self-checkout also results in more instances of theft.

Additionally, the cost of food is increasing, making it more of an incentive for people to steal rather than pay higher rates for items like milk or eggs. To combat the risk of theft, grocery stores need to make sure their store is equipped with security cameras and have attentive staff on hand while working or stocking shelves.

Slips & Falls

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), more than one million Americans suffer a slip, trip, and fall injury, and more than 17,000 people die in the U.S. annually because of these incidents. Slip and fall accidents affect most businesses, and grocery stores are no exception.

Like any other business, grocers are at risk due to wet surfaces, both inside and outside their buildings that arise due to inclement weather. But these risks are more present in grocery store locations due to the nature of the industry. Produce falling on the ground, customers accidentally spilling milk, or someone bringing in water from the outside can all present slip and fall and risks to watch out for.

Having a risk management program in place with proper documentation and records makes a difference when it comes to litigation. Beyond that, the best response is to be consistently proactive about keeping the grocery store safe from hazards. Having a spot check at regular intervals is always recommended to keep these hazards from occurring.

Contaminated Products

Product recalls are an unfortunate part of running a grocery store. There are product recalls for just about every item on our grocery store shelves from leafy greens to cleaning products. Grocery stores need to make sure their business is protected if one of the products they sell ends up making someone sick. Being proactive about following warnings is an excellent place to start, and taking all items that are contaminated out of the store is just as important.

Taking precautions against these risks helps to limit financial and legal exposure. For these moments where claims are made, and a grocery store suffers a loss, it’s essential they have the right insurance coverage to protect them. With Irving Weber’s Grocer’s Advantage Program, grocery stores can limit this exposure and keep their potential losses limited.

Having Grocer’s Advantage Program is designed to protect clients from exposures specific to the grocery industry, such as hepatitis, power failure, food spoilage, and slip and falls with several protections. Whether it’s property and casualty or umbrella coverage, the Grocer’s Advantage Program is the most comprehensive package that grocery stores can secure. 

About Irving Weber Associates

At Irving Weber Associates, Inc., we understand what it takes to run a successful grocery, market, convenience store, including investing in a comprehensive Insurance Program to ensure that they are financially protected against claims. Our program, Grocery Advantage offers overall business insurance coverages including Food spoilage, General Liability, Property Liability, Equipment Breakdown, Workers’ Compensation, Business Auto, and many more. For a detailed look at how we can help you safeguard your business with a custom-tailored package, please contact our experts today at (800) 243-1811.