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Understanding Laundromat Workers Compensation Risks

Understanding Laundromat Workers Compensation RisksUnderstanding Laundromat Workers Compensation Risks

In a previous post, we discussed how important it was for those in the drycleaning and Laundromat business to understand the health risks involved with their jobs, including knowing what solvents they may be exposed to. This type of exposure, however, is only one of the Laundromat Workers Compensation Risks you should be concerned with.

Laundry workers often work in an environment that can be hot and humid. Laundry may be heavy, or treated with chemicals that cause allergic reactions. Appropriate training, machine maintenance, and good body mechanics are all necessary to reduce Laundromat workers compensation risks.

What type of training should your Laundromat and drycleaning employees go through? First off, it’s important to be aware of bloodborne pathogens, which can be present in dirty linens. Be sure that your employees know to wear gloves and practice good hand-washing at all times.

Another workers comp exposure is burn risk. Hot water, hot irons, and steam presses are all possible sources of burns. You should guard and protect hot surfaces and water lines so that you don’t come into accidental contact with them. Also, given that the environment you work in is hot and steamy, it’s important to drink plenty of fluids to stay hydrated and prevent heat stress.

One more risk that is important to think about is the risk of personal injury due to machinery. Be sure to perform regular maintenance on machines to ensure they are working properly, and practice lockout/tagout when you need to clear jams and perform maintenance.

These are just a few of the Laundromat workers compensation risks you should be concerned with. Other important factors to think about in this industry is how much employees are on their feet, as standing for long periods can lead to fatigue.

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