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The Importance of Floor Mats in Your Coin-Op Laundry

As a laundry business professional, you might know the importance of using floor mats within your business. Without them, customers are more likely to slip and fall, and your employees are exposed to the same risks. However, the lack of understanding the general public has for mats is concerning. Most people aren’t aware of mat purchasing and rental opportunities, but understanding them is critical to this industry. In the coin-operated laundry sector, as well as with linen suppliers, this is a key component of business. If you’re looking to buy or rent mats for your coin operated laundry business, read the following article and protect your operation with a Coin-Op Advantage Insurance Package, written specifically to address their unique sector risks and exposures.

Increasing safety.

Mats increase safety in these businesses without question. Rather than allow your patrons and employees to walk around on wet or slick surfaces, mats provide the traction they need to stop these injuries before they even happen. But, how these mats are used contributes to their ability to improve safety in the workplace.

Mats need to be regularly cleaned, dried and swapped out. If not, contaminants and liquids can seep into the floor which reduces the mat’s slip resistant nature.

Types of mats.

Tyler Fowler, president-textile rental division of Mountville Mills, says there are three basic components to mats: rubber thickness, type of rubber backing and fiber used. Rubber thickness is measured in mils (1,000th of an inch), and most mats have a rubber thickness around 52 or 53 mils, says Fowler. But there are mats with greater thickness, such as 65 and 90 mils. The thicker the rubber, the greater the weight, he says. And a heavier mat is more likely to stay in place.

There are three types, according to Fowler. Cleated backing is made to grip carpet, but it can be used with some success on smooth floors. A smooth backing is for use on smooth flooring, and a suction-type backing is a combination of heavier rubber with a suction design, he explains to American Laundry News.

Caring for mats.

While these pieces are meant to get wet, it’s important to maintain them. This means drying them to improve finish and overall safety. Next, make sure the mats lie flat on the ground to prevent bumps from forming, which can create trip hazards. The purpose of mats is to make the workplace safer, so treat them properly and you’ll get the most wear out of them.

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