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The Importance of Floor Mat Safety in Your Business

Whatever role you play in the hospitality industry; whether it’s in the restaurant industry or the dry cleaning business, safety should be a top priority. That being said, it’s vital to note that one of the leading causes of personal injury in these industries is slips, trips and falls. In fact, 90% of the injuries caused by an entry way floor mat are to customers. This is one of the top reasons for Restaurant and Dry Cleaning Liability Claims.

Floor mat maintenance and proper training is essential to reducing the number of accidents that take place. Training should include teaching how and where to place floor mats, how to care for them, and how these actions could prevent slips, trips, and falls.

Inspecting and Cleaning

Cheap floor mats are typically not optimal quality, and are more likely to curl, slip under people’s feet, or cause a hazard in some other way. These should be avoided. In addition, mats should never be accepted by a business if they are damaged, in poor condition, too small for the needs of the business, or too light to withstand foot traffic, cart traffic, and even customer stroller traffic. In addition, mats should be cleaned effectively on a regular basis, and inspected for damage each time they’re cleaned. Lastly, if mats need to be stored, they should be rolled up rather than folded as this will help prevent bumps or rises in the mats in order for them to lie flat.

Additional Safety Features to Keep in Mind

Safety experts recommend avoiding floor mats that lack a border and/or are made of vinyl and have no rubber backing. Floor mats should have the following features:

  • High density rubber backings
  • Beveled edges to reduce the potential for tripping
  • Material thick enough to withstand heavy foot traffic
  • A degree of absorbency

Floor mat safety also includes strategically placing them where they will be of the best use; such as in:

  • Entrances and exits
  • Drink/Coffee stations
  • Salad bars or any area that may experience condensation
  • Sinks and dish washing areas
  • In front of washers in Laundromats

Mats should be placed in between sets of doors and immediately inside doors in order to efficiently capture debris or water tracked in from the outside, so long as the mats do not interfere with door operation.  Remember that size also matters; getting too large or thick of a mat could actually do more harm than good.

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