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The Future of Dry Cleaning

From more casual clothing trends to the rise of people working from home in their pajamas, dressing for work has changed. This drive to be more buttoned down has had an effect on an industry not many would jump to point to first: dry cleaners. As featured in the Chicago Tribune, dry cleaners are having to find new ways to adapt to the needs, or lack thereof, of customers when it comes to servicing their more “disposable” clothes.

As attitudes towards clothing change and adapt in the United States, people need dry cleaning less. There are a number of things a dry cleaning business, with its doors still open, can do to protect its assets, including investing in our specialized FabriCare Advantage insurance for dry cleaning operations, and keeping abreast of current trends in the industry to prepare for the future.

Combining Laundry Services

While the trend is to turn away from dry cleaning services, there are still a great number of people, especially in densely populated cities, who do not have a laundry setup in their home or building. Dry cleaners can add self-serve washers and dryers to their facility, turning a profit and leveraging dry cleaning services in the mix. This will keep the lights on and continue to build a base of customers.

Collecting Customer Information

While this may sound a little aggressive, collecting information from customers to personalize their experience creates a unique approach to customer service. From when they visit the store to what services they need, to what types of garments they usually bring in, crafting a personal experience for a customer adds a touch of class. One way to do this is signing customers up for email messaging and incentivizing them with small discounts to provide this kind of information.

Using Mobile Apps

Virtually everything anyone needs can be bought, serviced, shipped, and delivered with the click of a button from their phone. Groceries can be delivered, pizza can be ordered, and even cars are being bought and shipped out via mobile apps. Why shouldn’t dry cleaning services be in on this mainstay?

Dry cleaning stores can stay up-to-date on third-party mobile apps that service dry cleaning customers and offer their services through there. Dry cleaning stores can download and implement many systems that can be beneficial to their business.

Location, Location, Location

The average consumer is looking for convenience at every opportunity and this includes location. Even though most services can be driven through mobile web and apps, seemingly doing away with how close a store is, having a conveniently located store is key. If a store is already in a great location, in a densely populated area, then they’re already a step ahead. But if a store is looking to move, open a new location, or open its first doors, then there needs to be an importance on the location.

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