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The Elements of Wash Quality

Since you’re in the commercial laundry business it should already baked in to your operations that you know the importance of wash quality. Whether it’s large orders or small, new clients or established, your wash quality should be one of the most important components of your overall commercial laundry business.

The perfect mix of time, temperature, chemical action and mechanical action should all be combined as the basis of wash quality. But with multiple variables thrown in the mix, there are plenty of opportunities for this mix to be hard to stick to or control. From poor wash formulas to process issues, commercial laundry teams need to be aware of the possible problems that can arise in the washing system.

Variations in Washes and Fabrics

As a commercial launderer, you know there are a number of different cycles to consider when dealing with the variations of laundry.  You also know that your customers may not know that as well as the role that these variations play in your overall process. Think of all the stains that could find their way onto hotel linens, such as food and makeup. Taking care of the different types of stains brings with it a number of wash styles to choose from.

With that in mind, it’s important to also be able to understand the difference in fabric type. Again, you may know that silk and cotton wash differently, but your clients may not acknowledge this. The different fabrics that need to be taken care of bring with them the need for a tailored approach to washer programming.

Working Together for Best Results

Just like there are a number of variables that go into overall wash process and quality, there are a number of team members who need to work together to deliver fine quality work. The equipment distributor, laundry manager, linen manufacturer, and chemical company representative should all be in harmony when it comes to daily tasks in the commercial laundry industry.

When it comes to utility savings or water savings, these individuals have to keep in check the four elements noted above: mechanical action, time, temperature and chemical action. Be sure to understand what you’re working toward in terms of savings and find the right plan to be effective. For utility savings, it may mean lowering wash temperatures. For water savings, it may mean higher temperatures and more chemical action to deliver the clean results needed.

Solving Problems with Quality

Just like any business that offers a service at a large scale, quality is king. Anything that may disrupt the overall genuine quality of what you do as a commercial launderer needs to be addressed right away. Having issues with your large load washers? Make sure your commercial laundry insurance is in place to repair or replace them. Sacrificing any amount of quality can be hazardous to your clientele’s trust in you to deliver the best results.

Sometimes it’s not a matter of a machine breaking down, backing up orders. It may be that a hotel client of yours is seeing stained towels and linens not being cleaned or fabrics turning different colors after a cycle. This is where working together as a team with a chemical company representative and equipment distributor needs to be stressed so you can get to the bottom of the issues at hand.

Remember, it’s important to know the many moving parts and intricacies within the commercial laundry industry. What works for one client may not work for others, so be sure to have a smooth process in line for all variations of customers, fabric types and wash cycles.

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