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The Biggest Maintenance Issues Plaguing Dry Cleaners

One thing that can sideline a laundry operation of any kind, be it hotel, gym or dry cleaner, is faulty machinery. If laundry machines go down, this can set a whole location back, causing major delays and major issues with customers and their orders.

When it comes to dry cleaners, something wrong with the machinery can really take its toll in a number of ways: causing huge delays, angering customers and possibly losing their business, and the cost to fix or replace a machine. This is why having the ability to make repairs on the spot combined with the right dry cleaners insurance program will help to make sure systems stay running and everything is covered.

Typical Machinery Issues and Regular Check-Ups

Businesses in the dry cleaning industry can face an array of maintenance and repair issues. Some major problems consist of leaks and gasket issues that can end up costing you a pretty penny in loss and repair. Keeping an eye out for any water waste or listening for worn belts can help to target problems and assess what needs to be done early on.

Another issue that dry cleaners see is around vibrating machine parts that shouldn’t be doing this. This could be an indication of something being off-balance or another more concerning issue around the overall integrity of the machine.

Sometimes, a simple cleaning of your machines will help to eschew any major problems. Not having regular cleaning can end up causing clogs and the shutdown of machines. Before you pick up the phone to call a repair professional, try assessing the issues yourself. It could just be cleaning or small part repair that needs to happen. Managers should have regular system check-ins by delegated staff to keep an eye and ear out for problems.

There should always be someone on staff who has the ability to take care of real-time repairs, handling issues on the spot to minimize downtime. But while quick assessments are important, it’s also important to have repair professionals at the ready to take care of your bigger issues.

If a regular cycle of checking on machines and looking for opportunities to repair and restore them to their best operational status, then this could end up costing you major fees in maintenance and might end up costing you loyal customers. Make sure to have a system in place that delegates different staff members to check on machines and make sure they’re running well. Anything out of the ordinary should be reported immediately.


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