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The Best Promotions for Dry Cleaners to Boost Business

No matter what kind of business you have, promotions have always been a tried and true way to get new business through the door and keep loyal customers coming back for more. Promotions can be long-term or short-term and provide the financial boost a business needs to push through the black for the month. Long-term promotions can provide more awareness of a dry cleaner and create a link for customers to think about choosing your location first, whereas short-term options can provide a quick measurable boost for in-store traffic.

Laundry businesses can make use of everything from proximity to universities to slower machines to promote their business, make some more sales and leave room for dry cleaners insurance to help keep their business running smoothly. Let’s look at some quick and effective ways in which dry cleaners can boost revenue, whether long-term or short-term.

Slow Days and Discounts

Slow days don’t have to be bad days for the business. There are many ways in which slow days can open the door to customers who don’t usually go get their clothes washed. One way to do this is to offer up a senior discount for retired and elderly customers who may not want to fuss with a packed dry cleaner during regular business days and hours. Retired people can come to the dry cleaner any day of the week while those who are still working may not have as flexible a schedule.

This kind of incentive can also be offered up to students who are attending nearby colleges or universities. While they may have a full schedule of studying and part-time work, they still need to get their clothes washed for class. This is a great opportunity to chime in on social media and get the word out to nearby schools that students can get a special discount to take a load off during finals, midterms or any study session. These are long-term promotions that can help keep a steady flow of customers coming in practically every day, especially during the school year.

Discount Washers

To take discounts further, business owners can attract everyday customers to come in more often or regularly by pushing a certain group of washers (i.e. least-used washers that are usually slower) at a discounted rate. If the customer has time on their hands and isn’t worried about getting their clothes washed by a certain time, push the slower washers on certain days or certain times during the day. It can also help to push these washers to the back so customers have to walk by better units, perhaps swaying them to use those full-priced units out of convenience.

Free Things Up, Literally

Everyone loves the word “free,” so make the most of it and see how it can help boost sales and loyalty among customers. Try things out like use one-get one, offering up an opportunity for customers to use a double-load washer and giving them a second use for free. These sales should, of course, be temporary as you may end up eating money after a while, but in a limited time frame, this can really help add some quick revenue and keep people coming back for more promotions.

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