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The Best Packaging Methods in Commercial Laundry

For those operating in the commercial laundry industry, packaging methods play a big role. Options for packaging vary widely across the entire industry, giving operators the choice to use simple twine to bind up packages to poly bags to manual tabletop and console film wrappers. For higher-end options, some dry cleaners and commercial laundry companies are using automated poly film shrink tunnel systems.

So, which one is the best for your business? It all comes down to preference. Packaging used to be an afterthought for businesses, but now they are working closely with clients to find the best methods. The focus should be kept on prioritizing custom needs while minimizing loss and contamination, and upholding presentation can help to round out the best solution for you.

Tying Things Down

Tying and strapping machines or bulk bagging processes come in handy for businesses as they are fast, efficient, and ultimately cost-effective for service and utility laundry items. Things like shop towels, rags, and bar mops require low amounts of finish work and presentation, so opting for a basic method like this won’t cause any harm.

Stacked or bunched items are banded together and dropped into bags for the next use. Personal use items, such as linens and clothes, shouldn’t be gathered with this option, as the integrity of the product should be intact with fewer wrinkles.

Bag It Up

The commercial laundry industry is also starting to see more acceptance of the bagging of various linens. This includes items like bar wipes, shop towels, microfibers, and washcloths. Clients such as those in the hospitality and healthcare industries are best served by using bagging as a method. Having bed sheets and hospital gowns transported in stacks and bundles is efficient and time-sensitive, not to mention cost-saving in the long run.


Manual tabletop and console poly cling wrappers can provide an economic and easy-to-use packaging solution for items that require basic packaging. Manual wrappers vary widely in that they come in compact tabletop units to freestanding console models. These utilize a transparent cling poly film, instead of shrink film, giving commercial laundry owners the option to custom fit and seal stack bundles of laundry items.

By using the non-shrink cling film, wrinkling and bunching are significantly reduced and sliding around while being transported is also cut down. When it comes to cost, this option is more personalized to your needs, making it more economical than single-sized fixed-cost bag options.

What to Pick

While there are many factors to choose between, it ultimately comes down to what’s best for your goals. Looking to save money? Speed up the process? From different materials to sizes and thickness of items, there are many things to consider when it comes to picking the right packaging methods.

What’s easier to decide on is understanding the importance of dry cleaners insurance, a need in every laundry and dry cleaning company. By protecting your company from claims of negligence or bad customer service, dry cleaners insurance can provide the safety net your business needs to operate without interruption.

When going back over your options, be sure to lay everything out and see what’s going to be the best in the long run. While cheap and easy may help up front, it may do little for growth and long-term customer satisfaction.

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