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The Best Customer Service Practices for Commercial Launderers

In today’s world of digital shopping and an algorithm-based approach that personalizes the customer experience, consumers have more control than ever. They know what they want and they know how they want to get it. On the other end of the consumerism spectrum, the service side, managers and leaders are having to find new ways to offer better customer service as well as better products and deals to attract and retain customers.

Through cutting-edge technology and personalized approaches to the overall customer experience, commercial laundry businesses are finding that this new way of service has no limits of whom it reaches. With this in mind, it’s important for managers to be active and stay ahead of the evolving service trends in their industry.

Supply and Demand

Sometimes managers do not break things down to understand the finite components of a customer request. Most things are seen in black and white, and a request is either refused or it is granted and the commercial launderer faces possible consequences.

For instance, in the world of commercial laundry, the process to bundle or un-bundle linen can be daunting. The normal service system puts all linen together into standard bundles, but sometimes customers have specific needs and requests that need to be met. If you meet this request and everything turns out well for the customer, they walk away happy and your business is all the better for it.

If you have another customer who wants to use the same method, but has a much larger load, this kind of service probably won’t be realistic to provide. The best way to do this for this specific customer with a bigger need would have to take some more planning and maneuvering on your part, and would have to include eliminating bundling and tying system in the laundry itself. At this point, the removal of a number of conveyors would have to occur as well as tie machines.

This can be handled, but not effectively, and overall efficiency will suffer, as well as the possibility of causing errors and malfunctions to occur within the machines just for making a change in production. In this case, having a solid commercial launderers insurance plan in place to cover repairs and broken machines is vital to any operation.

Executive Decisions

When it comes down to it, there really is no right or wrong answer. The manager has to make a tough decision when it comes to meeting the needs of a loyal customer with a large order and keeping up with the expectations of efficiency and time management.

Before making this decision, it’s best to convey to the customer what exactly needs to happen in order to get a personalized request like this taken care of. Upon hearing about the process and overall slowed speed of production, the customer may realize it’s not in their best interest. If, however, you decide to not move forward with the request without explaining the procedure, you do run the risk of losing a customer.

What’s important here is making it known just how important it is to keep the overall systems running well for your business and your customers. Customer service has never been an easy thing to handle, and it’s becoming an increasingly challenging task to handle. Doing what’s best for the customer while upholding the operational expectations of the business have to meet somewhere in the middle.

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