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The Benefits of Business Interruption Coverage

Business interruption coverage used to focus on major players in the manufacturing industry. From floods to major storms, earthquakes to wildfires, virtually any natural disaster could level a business for days or weeks, taking away from its earnings and running up costly bills just to get everything back up and running. Now, business interruption coverage is a must-have for businesses of all sizes, especially in areas where flooding, for instance, is somewhat common.

Business interruption claims began pouring in last year after Hurricanes Harvey and Maria devastated southeast Texas and Puerto Rico, respectively. Companies put their trust in this kind of coverage to aid in recovery and get them back on their feet. Here’s why your business needs to invest in business interruption coverage.


Business interruption coverage kicks in by reimbursing revenues a business loses when it cannot operate after a disaster. In the Houston area, everything from car dealerships to banks to gyms found they were not immune to flooding and the long-term damage it caused after Harvey. Standard business interruption coverage is done as a component of property insurance and business owner’s insurance.

This type of insurance can mitigate losses by compensating for lost income and employee’s wages in the event work cannot be performed.

Overall Cost Comparison

The cost of a policy like this will depend on a number of variables. Location and the type of business you’re running, such as a dry cleaner, will have an impact, just like you’re purchasing auto insurance. A telesales company may set up a temporary office while repairs are being made, while a dry cleaner doesn’t necessarily have a backup location readily available.

When designed properly, business interruption coverage can help save the stress as well as financial loss caused by the unexpected need to close down temporarily.  It can cover fixed expenses such as salaries, rent, and electric and heating bills that have to be paid even when a company isn’t generating revenue. It also covers temporary relocation expenses and possibly incidental costs that are associated with closing and reopening at the original location.

Get Insured

Another major benefit of business interruption coverage is in the name itself. It lets businesses stay moving and working during downtime. You can control the overall cost of business interruption insurance because you, as a business owner, have the power to control the waiting period before the benefits of coverage kick in as well as length of time the coverage spans.

Many people underestimate not only the total cost in dollars and cents when it comes to business interruption, but also the time it takes to get things back up and running. Having this added layer of coverage will provide peace of mind and the money needed to keep downtime and loss short.


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