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Summer Slowdown: Maintaining Coin Laundry Business

The dry cleaning and coin laundry industries are well aware of slow business trends during the summer. Many people are out vacationing, no bulky or delicate clothing items are required, and kids aren’t in school every day going through heaps of clothing.  As such, the slow summer trend for this industry is unmistakable.  However, there is something your clients can do about it. Rather than wait around for the fall season to pick up their businesses, they can start boosting their summer clientele today.  Share the following expert recommended information with your clients and secure their operation with a Coin-Op Advantage Insurance Package, written specifically to address their unique sector risks and exposures.

Focus on maintenance.

First things first – get to the long-procrastinated list that’s been piling up all year.  From broken bulbs to temperamental machines, now is the time to do the tune-ups needed.  The simplest fixes can make a big impact on how new and existing customers view the store.

In fact, according to American Coin-Op, perhaps the overlooked component is how longtime customers view your commitment to your business. These updates have a feel-good effect. Customers view these changes and feel valued, like you are investing in them.  So, don’t overlook the significance of your longtime customers’ improved perceptions of your reinvestment in the business.

Ask for feedback.

Take it one step further by asking the customers what they want to see improved. Not only will this help your clients prioritize projects, it will show their dedication to their customers and making them happy.

Partner up.

Summer is a great time to look at more profitable ventures. Rather than just focusing on staying afloat, consider partnering with a distributor. Focus on growing the business in summer and taking more creative income routes; it’s bound to pay off.


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