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Small Changes That Can Help a Dry Cleaning Business Stay Ahead

Small Changes That Can Help a Dry Cleaning Business Stay AheadSmall Changes That Can Help a Dry Cleaning Business Stay Ahead

What is the best way for a dry cleaning business to stay ahead of their competition? This is a popular question in the industry today, especially considering the scrutiny that these facilities have been under in recent years due to the industry’s perceived environmental impact. From environmental woes to claims of gender pricing, dry cleaning businesses have taken a hard hit, spurring many companies to target their customer base with “in home” products to replace professional cleaning services.

Sources from note that with nothing to distinguish a dry cleaning business from their competition, they are likely to just fade away until they are forced to go out of business. Other dry cleaners will prosper due to unique marketing strategies or superior garment restoration, among other tactics.

What small changes will help a dry cleaning business stay ahead, then? In addition to implementing efficient marketing practices, dry cleaners should focus on how to make small changes in their processes. For example, dry cleaners have historically struggled with water-soluble stain removal. Previous wet cleaning protocols have led to damaged clothes, resulting in the dissatisfied owners of these clothes looking for someone to blame.

What if a small change could eliminate this type of claim? Today, many cleaners have used pre-spotting methods, much like that used in dry-cleaning, for wet cleaning, with much success. Small improvements, such as this, help a dry cleaning business gain and retain clients, and could potentially reduce their risks of facing a dry cleaning insurance claim.

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