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Should Your Clients Reinvest in their Laundromats?

Today’s laundromat customers are looking for more than just a place to wash their clothes. Instead, they desire a place where they can find additional services and amenities to accommodate their needs. In addition to providing quality, modern equipment, it might be time for your clients to invest in their businesses. As we explore which components are worth investing in, ensure your clients are protected with the most comprehensive and custom-tailored Coin-Op Advantage Insurance Program, complete with all of the necessary protections they need to thrive.

Replacing equipment.

Like any machine, laundry equipment has a limited lifespan. If machines reach beyond that time frame, not only will it be more challenging to keep them to a high standard of service, it will cost more money to operate them. While the initial investment of replacing equipment may seem like a large cost up front, it can almost immediately be offset by the efficiencies and additional revenue streams that today’s advanced equipment provide, says American Coin-Op. Remember, the more efficient your clients’ machines are, the more potential there is for profitability. Further, with the features of new machines, owners can monitor and diagnose issues from an internet-connected device.

Ready to prevent repair costs?

Replacing outdated equipment can also cut down on repair costs. Maintenance and service alerts are automated on many new equipment models and can take the guessing out of service routines. Therefore, time can be saved on scheduled maintenance and notify the owner with error codes to get right to the issue quickly.

Increase customer satisfaction.

The article explains that between the new profit centers, reduced utilities, increased customer satisfaction and advanced monitoring capabilities, new washer-extractors and tumble dryers can help a store owner manage his or her business more effectively while increasing profits. Experts suggest that with these new equipment replacements, business owner’s earning potential increases by approximately $90,000 over the course its lifespan.


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