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Our Recommendations for Maximizing Your Laundromat’s Efficiency

Laundromats can eat up a lot of energy. From what it takes to run all the machines to how much water they use, especially in round-the-clock settings, laundromat efficiency is always a subject that can be talked about and expanded on.

More than 50% of a commercial laundromat’s operating expenses come from water and the costs behind wastewater, according to the Alliance for Water Efficiency. Laundromat owners can help their cause and the environment around them by investing in new machines and new procedures, but can also help out by implementing some tips to cut down on costs and inefficiency.

Use Energy-Efficient Machines

Some commercial machines can use as little as 2.5 gallons of water per pound, cutting down on major costs for running them. High efficiency washers can reduce the amount of water needed to run them by about 50% and new federal standards and guidelines have inspired a trend of more owners of laundromats choosing horizontal axis washers or front load washers. These kinds of machines can use as little as nine gallons of water per load, compared to about 35 gallons per load for non-horizontal machines.

Multi-Load Washing Units

Saving money over time with new units will laundromat owners  to go more economical with multi-load washers instead of single-load units. The capacity of these are two-to-four times larger than conventional machines and essentially more efficient in their usage.  Basically, multi-load washers can double the amount of clothes washed while also using half of the water in a traditional top-loader.

Choose Machines with Sensors

Load sensors in new machines can also greatly impact the amount of water a laundromat facility uses. By cutting down on the amount of water used for smaller loads, facilities not only save water costs, but also allow the machine to be used more quickly by other customers.

Check HVAC Use

It’s hard for laundromats, especially all-night facilities, to cut down on HVAC use and costs. When winter hits or summer comes, there is even more usage, but there can be a way to cut down on HVAC use during the most crucial seasons and save some energy and costs. In the winter, laundromats can drop the heat by a few degrees when they close down for the night or at intermittent times during the day. In the summertime, on cooler days, doors can be opened to save some money and cut out some very expensive A/C usage.


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