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Recent Survey Reports What Can Improve the Laundry & Linen Industry

Every business has its built-in areas of opportunity to improve upon. From changing up hiring practices, to finding new ways to be more time efficient, businesses of all sizes from all different industries can benefit from assessing areas where they can grow. While it’s a good first step to target areas of improvement opportunities, it’s equally important to keep that momentum going and implement the changes needed.

American Laundry News recently put out a survey for laundry managers, asking them how the industry as a whole could be improved. One thing that remains constant is safety and accountability. In this case, investing in commercial launderers insurance is important, but can you guess what hit the top of the list? Training.

Employees in the industry need improved & continuous training to stay on top of the day-to-day operations, expectations, and growing modern shift in innovation within the laundry industry.

One of the questions posed was, “In what areas do you think the industry needs improvement?” It’s a basic question, an overarching softball that could open up the potential for diverse responses. Within the responses, 36% of survey takers pointed to—you guessed it—training. The second-closest response was sustainability, at just over 17%.

Innovations in the industry have some business owners trying to play catch-up on how to navigate new operations.

Additionally, about 13% of respondents had personal areas of opportunity they felt need to be addressed, such as public relations, with the idea that the general public needs a better understanding of not only the industry as a whole, but just how it’s moving to be more green.

“We need a development program for engineers, prior to them having a job in the industry,” writes a respondent. “Develop regional technical schools that are designed to work on equipment in our industry. After completing the certification, the laundry companies who sponsor the training will have first crack at hiring the ‘graduates.’ Our industry needs good mechanics and production managers.”

“Formal training needs to occur at the route rep level,” one suggests. “They’re the key to providing excellent service, and yet we don’t recognize that they need high-level, detailed, industry-specific training. They receive almost no soft skills customer communication training.”

“Training of incoming management,” writes an operator. “There’s a real lack of a laundry-specific knowledge base in many of today’s managers.”

While other concerns and recommendations were addressed, what the industry is in desperate need of is fostering a sense of education among new and seasoned employees.

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