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Q2 Report: Coin Op Owners in the South Saw Sales Increase

According to this month’s American Coin-Op StatShot survey, coin laundry store owners and operators from the South saw a significant increase in sales for the beginning of the summer season, resulting in a 9.5% increase in June year-over-year sales. Although plagued by seasonal changes that affect the coin laundry industry in their communities, Southern operators are certainly leading the pack in sales results throughout the nation. Something to consider when evaluating your financial situation, including your budget for Coin-Op Advantage Insurance, is what contributes to high sales numbers.

While this particular report did not reveal why the South has had such successful sales for second quarter in a row, the following tips are some methods that may help your coin laundry store potentially start gaining some promising revenue.

Adjust Your Hours of Operation

Typically, the majority of individuals who will use a coin-op service are going to visit those stores before or after standard business hours, including weekends. If your store is in a well-lit, high traffic location it may even benefit you to be open 24 hours.


Even if your store is unattended, it’s essential to have someone in charge of checking in and ensuring that floors are clean, machines are wiped down and functioning correctly, the restrooms are clean and well stocked, etc. Not only does promoting cleanliness show that you have pride for your establishment, it could also help keep your customers safe when in your facility.

Friendly Service

If your coin op store is attended, or even if you just employ a janitor to check in every few hours, it’s important that your staff is always pleasant, cheerful and courteous to your customers. Remember that they are an extension of your business. Their actions and inactions will affect your store’s reputation. Not only should your employees be well-trained, you should provide a way for your customers to contact you if they have comments or concerns about your staff; whether this is a suggestion box at your location or an email address posted publicly in the store.

At Irving Weber Associates, Inc. we understand the importance of maximizing your sales and profits. We offer comprehensive laundry insurance programs that cover all your liability needs, so that you can keep your focus on what’s important; running your business. For more information about our products and services, please contact us today at (855) 764-7406.