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Promotional Marketing Tips for Laundromats

Promotional Marketing Tips for LaundromatsPromotional Marketing Tips for Laundromats

When it comes to saving money and making profits, Laundromats and other laundry business owners have a lot to consider. First and foremost on their list of financial decisions to make should be the type of Laundromat Insurance Policies they have to protect themselves from loss in the event of a claim. Another financial consideration to make is how to best market their services. Laundromats are small businesses, and like other small businesses do not have unlimited funds to spend on their marketing efforts.

Laundry equipment retailer recommends being strategic about Laundromat marketing, by offering promotions during slow times of the day or the week, having a grand opening, and utilizing outdoor advertising with engaging signage. Laundromats could even consider offering coupons to customers or potential customers. The question is though, how can Laundromats get the word out about these promotions?

One tactic is to purchase unused advertising space in local newspapers or on local radio stations. Typically, these empty spots will be sold at deep discounts to last minute advertisers. When a Laundromat is on a budget, they may be hesitant to look beyond cheap newspapers and radio stations, or the yellow pages. However, there are other inexpensive ways to get the word out about promotions, services, and products.

Laundromats should consider distributing flyers at church, on college campuses, local coffee shops, etc. The good thing about the laundry business is that everyone washes their clothes, so there is a very large demographic. On that note, Laundromats should also freely distribute business cards and have their staff do the same.

One more way to promote a small business such as a Laundromat is by partnering with a local charity of some kind. Non-profit organizations and clubs in the area may be willing to advertise for the Laundromat in exchange for the laundry business doing fundraising on their behalf.

These are just a few of the ways that Laundromats can utilize promotional marketing. Online forums are also a great idea; creating a website and social media pages will help Laundromats reach audiences that they might not have otherwise.

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