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Preventing Water Heater Failures

With the hustle and bustle of the holidays, your water heater is probably the last thing on your mind. However, this imperative feature of your business can incur significant losses if it fails. Water heaters typically last a long time, but they require periodic maintenance and inspection to make sure everything is running smoothly. As a laundry business owner, here is what to keep an eye on to prevent unwanted disasters and hefty repair costs. In addition, secure your operation with a Coin-Op Advantage Program.

Watch out for corrosion.

A water heater tank is a steel canister with a liner inside that protects the steel from contacting water. Over time, that liner breaks down. As that happens, sediment collects on the bottom of the tank. That sediment further corrodes the liner, as well as the heating elements inside a water heater, which in turn leads to premature failure of the liner and the tank. Hard water, or water with high levels of minerals, speeds up this corrosive process. The hardness of the water in your area directly influences the amount of sediment deposited, explains Hartford Steam Boiler. Check your liners periodically to ensure there are no visible signs of corrosion.

Drain the water heater.

Occasionally draining some of the water from the heater can get rid of excess sediment that has collected at the bottom over time.

Check the anode rod.

The anode rod, or the built-in rust protector, attracts rust particles within the tank to prevent corrosion. Depending on the quality of the water and the tank, how much water is used, and the water temperature, your anode rod life span will vary. Have a professional plumber inspect and replace it whenever necessary to prolong the life of your water heater.

Be prepared.

Lastly, be sure to create a way to channel small leaks should one occur. Or, a better way to prevent leaks is to install a water heater leak alarm and automatic shut off system. This will shut off the cold water supply line in the event of a leak and minimize the risk of flooding your home or business, explains the article. These systems only cost approximately $150 and should be installed by a certified plumber with water heater expertise.

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