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Preventing Shoplifting in Your Grocery Store

According to Time, shoplifting accounted for a total loss of just under $50 billion in the United States. That’s a 1.44% increase year-over-year, but it’s a telling increase in the retail industry. Shoplifting by outside customers accounted for 37% of retail inventory loss, followed up by 30% in employee theft, 21% in administrative errors, and 5% in vendor fraud.

Everyone should take steps to prevent fraud and theft inside their business. It’s not just clothing and electronics stores that need to take heed; grocery stores will see loss in food products, resulting in a break in their bottom line.

While shoplifting will realistically always pose a threat to businesses, there are proactive steps that can be taken to reduce this kind of risk in a grocery store, in addition to our Grocers’ Advantage Insurance coverage.

Be Aware

Easy-to-pocket items and other small items of interest are typically the targets for shoplifters. Everything from small electronics to jewelry to candy can be snatched and pocketed without being noticed. Storing these items in a locked case or close to registers will deter shoplifters from trying to pilfer them. Keeping track of sought-after items and keeping them out in areas that are easily monitored can make a big difference in transparency.

Train Staff To Observe

Employees can be trained to be the best security for any kind of business. Keeping them informed about what things to look out for, whether it’s certain behaviors or keeping an eye on sought-after items, will help to reduce theft. One way staff can be a big help in preventing shoplifting is to have them engage customers on a regular basis, asking how they can help and making their presence known. This step is particularly important for grocery stores, as their large size and multiple departments can make it difficult to keep an eye on every customer.

Engage With Customers

Piggybacking off the note above, greeting customers and offering to help on regular intervals from the moment they walk in the door will create an atmosphere of security. Have employees circulate the floor, making sure everything is stocked and in its place, and just being an overall presence. This can prevent theft, and can also boost customer service in turn. 

Schedule Who You Need

Any type of store can go through rush periods where everyone on the floor is busy at the same time. This can open up the opportunity for shoplifters to take what they want. One way this can be averted is to schedule, if possible, more people during regular busy times, like on weekends or holidays. For grocery stores, the busiest times are the weekends and late weekday afternoons (when most customers have just gotten off work).

Install Cameras and Mirrors

Adding this layer of protection shows that businesses and stores really want to take preventative measures to discourage theft. Equipping this kind of visible security adds a layer of proactive behavior that can help hold every customer accountable. In the event of a theft, businesses can more easily identify who is at fault with the ability to look back at tapes.

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