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POS Systems: Improving Efficiency for Dry Cleaners

For dry cleaners, having a high-functioning point-of-sale (POS) system in place will help to drive your operations forward by increasing profit and cutting costs. A POS system collects customer data, sends invoices, tracks piece counts, manages accounts for a business and ensures there is consistent pricing across your business.

A POS system is an all-in-one efficiency driver for dry cleaners looking to keep the focus on serving customers and turning a profit without having to worry about delays in processing. Here are some of the ways in which these systems are beneficial to dry cleaners and what to look for in a new or updated POS system.

Benefits of POS in Dry Cleaning

POS systems essentially keep track of all the customer data coming through every single day. Without a POS system, owners can’t get an adequate picture of what’s going on in the day-to-day business. A POS system allows owners to have the right access to information about their business which will help them make the right business decisions for the store(s) as well as understand how to market to potential and current customers.

Some POS systems can even be enabled to text customers as well as email them about order processes and remarketing services and promotions to them. It’s a true one-stop shop for businesses looking to not only keep things moving but allow opportunities to flow open and create more revenue.

Another all-in-one service offered to dry cleaners is a comprehensive dry cleaners insurance plan that helps businesses stay up and running in the event of business interruption. Sometimes POS systems can have issues which may cause problems with customers and the overall operation of a store. Having dry cleaners insurance is like a built-in firewall for being financially protected in the event of a systems problem.

Tracking and Working with Customers

POS systems also help with item tracking, which enables customers to keep track of each garment and customer interaction. Plus, a good software platform will help to increase annual margins per store. A POS can act as an integrated marketing platform that helps to acquire new customers using retention tools and customer communication features.

A POS system can also allow owners to access customer information in real-time and in multiple locations. This will help with customer service as clientele can have their information shared across different stores so they get the same consistent service.

If your POS system is a cloud-based system staff members have access to the most recent order information as garments get moved from one department to another. The platform will know where the garments/items are and will keep customers automatically updated through their communication of choice, such as email or text.

Choosing the right system will allow your business to easily integrate with other software you use to run your business efficiently. When customers are satisfied because of this efficiency, they will end up stick with you from location to location.

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