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New Industry Development: On-Demand Laundry

In today’s day and age, technology is the easiest and most efficient way to get connected. Whether it be with friends through social media or a favorite clothing store application that is so readily available, smartphones are the best way to get your facility connected to your community. Therefore, the laundry business is now getting on board.

According to an article in American Coin-Op, there are new and more inventive ways to boost laundromat facility sales: combine laundromat services with pickup and delivery and you get an app in which customers can order laundry service.

In big cities like New York, Chicago, and San Francisco, these businesses will pick up your laundry, have it cleaned for you and then return it to you for a price via a mobile application. Most of these app companies will either partner with a local Laundromat service in the area or have it cleaned at their own facility- some examples of which are startups such as Starchup and Washio.

The use of technology to provide on-demand laundry will only grow from here. Today’s culture is one in which convenience and immediacy are keys to success. As busy individuals, most people need an app like this to cut their obligations in half. Therefore, something so manual, like laundry, has a growing need to become automated much like the food, grocery, and shopping industries have done.

What does this mean for your laundry business? By partnering with these services, laundromat facilities can potentially boost their sales. What’s more, there is a significant benefit to on-demand laundry service such as decreasing costs and improving customer reach.

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