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Nurturing a Marketing Plan

As the owner of a fabricare operation, your clients need to understand that marketing is an essential component to their success. While it may require more time and effort than they planned, the worst plan is to not have a marketing strategy or to ignore it all together. Therefore, in addition to securing your clients’ operation with a customized FabriCare Insurance Program, share the following advice for creating and nurturing an effective and lucrative marketing campaign.

According to American Dry Cleaner, here are some goals to consider as part of a successful marketing approach:

  • Retain the maximum number of current customers;
  • Maximize the share-of-wallet of each customer (both existing and newly acquired);
  • Attract as many new customers as possible;
  • Attract a new customer segment;
  • Show the benefits of doing business with you;
  • Highlight the ease and convenience you offer; and
  • Improve the content, timeliness, and variety of channels of communication.

First and foremost, make the message about the facility clear and attention-grabbing. Remember that the average attention span for a human is 8 seconds, so there is no time to waste with wordy advertisements or dull ads. Next, focus on customer retention. Prior customers have already chosen your clients’ specific location, so ensuring they have a positive experience will guarantee their return.

To gain more traction, your clients can offer incentives to their employees for gathering customer data. This will help to determine their spending patterns, desired services, and bulk up their client email lists to offer promotions, deals, and highlight the services they offer.

Lastly, make it personal and continue the advertising in store. Remember that a little personalization goes a long way. Additionally, you have other alternatives that reach current customers as a group, such as in-store advertising like rotating service messages via flat-screen TV, hang tags on orders, and graphics-adorned vans driving through neighborhoods. Remember, it takes multiple impressions to elicit action, says the article.

At Irving Weber Associates, we have a unique understanding of the dry cleaning business. Our specialty programs offer protection to financially secure your clients’ business in the best way possible to ensure their success. For more information, contact our experts today at (855) 764-7406.