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New Technologies to Enhance Drying

The dry cleaning industry has seen major changes and developments when it comes to the process of caring for clothes and garments that are serviced. Traditionally, garments were wet-cleaned and air-dried, which ended up taking a lot of time and space. Now, the trend is to go faster and smaller with emerging dryer technology that’s completely upending wet cleaning processes.

Dry cleaners are becoming more able to program their machines for gentler cleaning and faster service while also alleviating issues related to tarnishing garments. Here’s how it’s happening:

Dryer Programming

Dryers being used today are now able to offer up multiple programmable phases and options in the drying process. This includes sophisticated control over several variables within those particular phases such as oven temperature, drum temperature, drum rotation action and G-force, as well as the technology around moisture-sensing control.


As dryers are able to control variables by phase and step, even delicate items, such as silks, can be dried to the right moisture level that’s perfect for finishing. In the past, if delicates were damaged, customers had every right to bring claims against a dry cleaning business. But while customers are still able to do this, with the new processes, damages are becoming more limited. It’s still a wise choice for dry cleaners to opt for dry cleaners insurance to protect their business assets and ensure their reputation is intact following a claim, but having these newer machines with more programmable options can help to keep liabilities low.

Wet cleaning garments is also a viable option for dry cleaning businesses as textile care operations can wet clean more quickly and efficiently while keeping customer turnaround times limited. Plus, operations become more environmentally friendly and cost effective while upping productivity.

What to Look For

Dry cleaning businesses should be looking for specific things when opting for newer machines that offer enhanced drying methods. Owners should seek out dryers with multiple variables included in programming. Beyond the basic cooling and drying, new phases allow for the control needed to protect garments and delicates in particular when they are being processed.

You should look for a dryer with programmable features that include drum rotation speed and interval. By controlling the drum speed and interval, businesses can help to remove moisture without the need to tumble, which can cause damage and shrinkage.

For moisture level, it’s vital for a dryer to have the ability to confirm the moisture content of a load before moving on to another phase. Moisture levels are constantly monitored throughout the cycle, but now each part of a cycle has its own moisture level setting. This cuts out things like over drying, shrinking and damage.

These newer programmable options and more allow for more precise, efficient and customer-pleasing options for delicates and can help to improve the overall process of wet cleaning.


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