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New Drycleaning Regulations to be Made in NY?

According to American Dry Cleaner, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NY DEC) recently hosted what it calls “stakeholder meetings” concerning changes it is considering to Part 232 Regulation governing dry cleaners, reports New York City-based National Cleaners Association (NCA). This meeting was held in regard to the use of perchloroethylene, or perc, in Dry Cleaner Regulation Part 232. While the meeting was intended to simply be an outreach to gain stakeholder input and feedback on the topic, the impact that could result from this decision is weighing heavily on industry professionals. Therefore, as we explore the implications of such regulation updates, ensure your clients are secured with a comprehensive FabriCare Advantage Insurance Program.

NCA Executive Director Nora Nealis explains that with this new proposed regulations, every dry cleaner in the state of New York would be affected regardless of the type of solvents they are currently using- including perchloroethylene, high-flash alternative solvents, and lower-flash solvents.

In addition, this proposed regulation would require each dry cleaner to post a list of the solvents used in their facility. What’s more, safety information about the chemicals would have to be provided on the Department’s website.

For those businesses using perc, American Dry Cleaner explains that the Department of Environmental Conservation is contemplating enforcing the following:

  • Eliminating obsolete requirements in both the rule and the DEC-approved Perc Dry Cleaner training courses and exams;
  • Retaining all existing requirements regarding training, third-party inspections, air sampling, machinery performance, recordkeeping, new equipment, etc.; and
  • Phasing out perc in all locations and building types.

As dry cleaning business owners, your clients are encouraged to write to their elected officials at the governor’s office to express their concerns, objections, and suggestions. For more information about the proposed regulations, visit

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