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Moving Plants: How to Keep Business Going

Due to leasing disagreements or a lack of space, there are plenty of reasons why your clients might have to uproot their business to another location. While this might indicate a fresh start, moving doesn’t have to be synonymous with loss of business. In order to keep their dry cleaning businesses afloat and attract new and existing customers to their new location, share the following advice with your clients. In addition, ensure their operation is protected against a variety of risks they face with a tailored FabriCare Insurance Program.

First, expect business to drop during the first few months and to slowly increase thereafter. It’s important for your clients not to panic right away, as rebuilding customer loyalty is a process. To get the ball rolling, ideally, your clients would have given plenty of notice to their existing customers that they were moving. It’s useful to call each customer or send an email blast to regulars to remind them of the new address, business hours, and specials to get customers in the door.

Next, have a backup plan. Consider the variables. It’s possible that parking is harder, the area is less safe, there is more competition in your neighborhood, or the plant is too far off the main drag. If that is the case, you must roll up your sleeves and create a strategy to reclaim your former level of business. If walk-in patronage is lower, perhaps you might consider opening a drop store, possibly in the very neighborhood that you left. Or, it might be wise to initiate a pickup-and-delivery service, explains American Dry Cleaner.

Consider the area, as well. If the new location is in a large commercial center, consider opting for bulk work such as uniform cleaning. Whichever method of customer acquisition your clients choose, ensure they are proactive in their quest. Building a business should not stop simply because they moved.

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