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Marketing Your Linen or Uniform Supply Company

2018 is officially underway, which means this can be your year to market your business effectively and really ramp up sales and revenue. The razor-thin margins of the industry make it a challenging one, so spending marketing dollars where they matter most can be the investment you need to make in your business.

In this article, we’ll explore how you create a tailored marketing approach for your linen supply or uniform supply business, in addition to equipping your business with a comprehensive FabriCare Advantage Insurance program that is custom designed to respond to your unique risk exposures.

Show your worth.

Timing is everything when deciding when to present new opportunities to your existing clients. As owners of restaurants, hotels, hospitals, spas and more, they’re not going to be receptive if you cold call them to market yourself. Instead, you’ll need to target them when they come in for their weekly or monthly pickup/drop off.

Design a flyer to make promises others cannot compete with—lower prices, guaranteed timely service, family owned and operated, etc. You only have a window of a few seconds to capture their attention and get them interested, so design the flyer or email accordingly.

Demonstrate your value to their operation and how you can benefit them. Expressing genuine interest in their needs will get you far. Be sure to include the potential hurdles they will face if they don’t utilize a linen or uniform supply company, both now and in the future. Finally, be transparent about how you operate and what type of service they can expect to receive from you.

Ask them to act.

Once you have their attention and have set yourself apart from the rest, it’s time to ask them to act. Provide a link to your website (which should be relevant and modern), and give a phone number to easily reach you, in addition to an incentive such as a discount code or free delivery on their first order.

Remember, motivating a potential customer to contact you is the difference between acquiring a new client or having them pass on your services.

Decide if it’s the right fit.

Not every customer is the right fit for your business, contrary to popular belief. In fact, if a customer argues with every charge or never seems to pay on time they are not worth the time and stress you will have to pour into the relationship.

Every customer is taking the time to decide if you are going to be the right fit for them—you should do the same. Don’t be afraid to turn away or cut off bad business. An hour spent arguing with a current customer could prevent you from working on a great way to attract 100 new customers, states Infinite Laundry.

Once you come to a mutual agreement about how this professional relationship will work, ask for the sale. You won’t close deals if you don’t ask, so be confident and assertive in your approach.

About Irving Weber Associates

At Irving Weber Associates, Inc., we understand what it takes to run a successful Dry Cleaner, Commercial Launder, Linen Supplier or Coin Operated Laundromat, including investing in IWA’s comprehensive FabriCare Advantage™ Insurance Program to ensure that you are financially protected against legal claims.  Our program includes specialty coverages including General Liability, Property, Pollution Liability, Boiler & Machinery, Business Auto, and much more as well as offering Pollution Liability Coverage.  For a detailed look at how we can safeguard your business with a custom-tailored package, please contact our experts today at 800-243-1811.