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Marketing Strategies & Distribution Ideas for Laundromats

In a previous post, we explored some of the promotional marketing materials that are beneficial for laundromats. Spreading the word about a new location and promotions is one thing, and strategy and distribution are another. In this follow-up article, we’ll cover some basics on marketing for coin operated laundromats. Most importantly, protect your operation with a comprehensive Coin-Op Advantage Insurance program, created specifically to address unique exposures the industry faces.

Narrow down your audience.

Before you start a marketing program for a laundromat, it is important to locate the people in your community who do not have washers and dryers of their own. Look for universities and community colleges to find neighborhoods with high concentrations of student housing, or check with the local courthouse to find houses zoned as rentals. Find places that cater to people who do not stay in one place for long, like long-term-stay hotels and corporate housing developments. Consider also people who may not be able to afford their own equipment, like low-income families or senior citizens, says Small Business Chronicle.

Promote services.

A coin laundry business always has the expected: washers, dryers, folding stations, etc. However, if your business is different in a way that will attract more customers, be sure to note that one your marketing materials. For example, do you offer:

  • WiFi
  • TV’s
  • Entertainment
  • Music

These can be the deciding factors when it comes to selling your business to the public. Be sure to focus on what sets you apart. However, it’s important to note that while entertainment can be a great way to boost business, it will also affect your insurance premium. Depending on the type of entertainment you provide, and the more risk your business absorbs, the more challenging it will be to find coverage and the more expensive you premium will be.


This is where you can get creative. Partner with realtors who service low-income areas, rental associations and boards, college bulletins, and even local coffee shops and restaurants. Moreover, you can focus your efforts on high foot traffic areas such as grocery stores and movie theaters.

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