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Maintaining Productivity in a Busy Industry

Throughout the course of your education and career, you’ve likely heard the phrase, “Work smarter, not harder.” What does that phrase mean to you? For many, it means finding the right work/life balance, while for others it means ensuring all financial matters, including obtaining the right Dry Cleaner Insurance Policy, are squared away. Still for others, working “smarter” means maintaining consistent productivity by specifically designating time slots for each task that must be completed.

In the dry cleaning industry, a bustling industry that often requires 50-60 hour workweeks from its staff, your day is a variation of resolving customer issues, helping with processing, doing business with vendors, ordering supplies, and more. As pointed out in a recent American Drycleaner article, however, a busy day does not necessarily equate to a productive day. So what’s the secret?

The answer could be as simple as delegating. It’s easy, in a customer-oriented business, to get caught up at the front-counter of a dry cleaning facility speaking with someone about the news of the day. But when 10 minutes turns into 15, so on and so forth, a dry cleaner manager or owner could quickly find their time sucked up.

One suggestion to improve efficiency and productivity, if possible, is assigning a specific staff member to greet customers and the front-counter. Dry cleaner staffers can be trained to do even the most difficult tasks within your business; it’s just about selecting the right individual for the job and sufficiently training them, in addition to giving them all the appropriate resources.

Consider splitting your time and devoting it accordingly; maybe that means devoting one-third of your day to marketing and building your business, one-third to customer oriented tasks, and one-third to administrative duties. Creating a schedule and to-do lists, and sticking to them, could go a long way in helping you maintain productivity in this busy industry.

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