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Layering Social Media Content for Drycleaners

As you are probably aware, content is king when it comes to social media and marketing strategy. With so many platforms of social media and so much competition, it’s important for you to ensure your dry cleaning business stands out from the rest. For example, shifting gears from hard selling your services to simply being the expert in all things dry cleaning is enough to persuade people to become potential clients. As we explore how to implement an effective and comprehensive social media strategy in your dry cleaning business, now is also a great time to evaluate your FabriCare Insurance Advantage Program to ensure your dry cleaning insurance policy is in effect and up to date.

As the second layer to your marketing strategy, consistent social media posting can be invaluable. If you aren’t capable of posting consistently due to other obligations and time constraints, hire a writer who can.

Instead of hard-selling followers, you should aim to provide useful information to your audience. According to American Dry Cleaner, this means that you don’t necessarily shout from the rooftops about your delivery service. But maybe a Facebook post touts the new lobby renovation on a nearby office building, with a photo of your employee who has taken on their route- this sends a subtle message (we do deliveries!) while also offering content, or information (there is a new look to a building in our community).

Next, make diverse posts. Anything from sale announcements to industry news to celebrating a customer of the month can be added to your Facebook, Instagram, and other social media channels. Think about helpful insights for followers, as well, by posting topics such as home fabric care, closet organization tips, and how to remove tough stains. Remember, the more you are viewed as dry cleaning experts, the more business will naturally follow!

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