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Laundry Insurance: Top Reasons for Equipment Breakdown

Laundry Insurance Top Reasons for Equipment BreakdownLaundry Insurance: Top Reasons for Equipment Breakdown

It’s no secret that an equipment breakdown is costly. But without the right type of laundry insurance for your drycleaning establishment or coin-op laundromat, equipment breakdown can be a detrimental business interruption. In addition to being financially protected with laundry insurance should you be affected by equipment breakdown, it’s important for you and your employees to understand what the top reasons are for equipment breakdown, to potentially prevent it from happening in the first place.

One of the most common reasons for equipment breakdown is wear and tear. Of course, this is not something you have control over, however you do have control over the maintenance of your equipment. For example, at a coin-op Laundromat one of the biggest risks is a machine breakdown or even a fire due to too much lint in a dryer. By checking this on a regular basis, you may be able to prevent not only equipment breakdown, but property damage and loss as well.

Poor electrical connections are another common reason for equipment breakdown. It may be hard for drycleaners and Laundromats to prevent this one, however there are some small steps that can be taken. For example, you can clean away dust and dirt in areas where connectors are located. When cleaning, use compressed air rather than water to keep moisture away from the wires.

It’s important to think about all aspects of your business when considering purchasing laundry insurance for equipment breakdown. For example at a coin-op Laundromat this will include hot water heaters and boilers in addition to the washing machines and dryers. At a drycleaning facility, this will include washing equipment, stills, tumblers, valves, filters, and more.

At Irving Weber Associates, Inc. (IWA), we offer laundry insurance programs such as the FabriCare Advantage  program as well as Coin-Op Advantage, both which offer equipment breakdown coverage. Please contact us today for more information at (855) 764-7406.