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Laundry Businesses: Be Your Own PR Firm

Public relations firms are useful to create a buzz about your laundry business and establish yourself as credible and trustworthy within your community. However, rather than pay the fees for such firms, which can run into the thousands, consider the following advice for becoming your own PR firm, saving you money and protecting your bottom line. As we explore these ideas, ensure your operation is backed by a custom-tailored FabriCare Insurance Program.

Start with the paper.

A newspaper might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of advertising in 2017, but it’s a great place to start. Newspapers focus on local heroes- which can be you- and advertise businesses within the area. As they are expected to do 50% content and 50% ads, you have a great chance of being featured, and for a cheap price.

Get familiar with reporters.

To be featured, you’ll have to get to know the reporter who works in your area. Get their contact information from the paper then reach out and ask to meet for coffee. You can pick his or her brain by asking what types of articles he or she likes to write, what stories they look for, and get feedback about what angle you can take in your story. Be sure to give personal details about your laundry business, and be sure to highlight community ties, success stories, and personal successes.

Ideally, it will be a personal story that others will identify with, making it more of a reason to utilize your business.

According to American Dry Cleaner, some potential subjects include:

  • That you purchased an environmentally friendly cleaning machine that uses an alternative to perc.
  • That three staffers went to New York to take a course on environmental dry cleaning.
  • Why you ran a silly-job-title contest for all the drycleaning staffers.
  • Anything else to personally tie in your story to the community.


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