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Laundry Businesses: Be Your Own PR Firm Part 2

With the know-how, knowledge, and right FabriCare Insurance Program, your operation can thrive. Read this second installment to determine what other approaches can be applied to your laundry business’ PR strategy.

Utilize the internet.

In part one, we explained that targeting local reporters to publish stories about your operation can be beneficial. In conjunction, the internet should be utilized to your advantage.

You can acquire your customers’ email addresses simply by asking for them upon check out. If you have route employees who cover ample ground each day, you can have them solicit customers on behalf of your business, as well.

While it may be true that there will be a lot of deleted emails (the nature of today’s sales landscape), you can create witty and humorous titles to grab their attention.

Deliver your message quickly and with as little text as possible. Wordy emails aren’t necessarily attractive, so remember that less is more. Lastly, provide an incentive for them. For example, “If we can’t get the stain out, we won’t charge you!” or simply offer a 20% off coupon for their first visit.

Become your own local public figure.

“Get involved in the community. Be on the town finance committee. Join a club. Volunteer to help out at church fairs. Be Santa, or be the dunking target at the spring fair; mention your dry cleaning business whenever the opportunity arises,” American Dry Cleaner advises.

Being a part of your community is a huge selling feature for laundry businesses. Get involved, make a name for yourself, and get to know the people around you.

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