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IWA Works with Local Agents Offering Insurance to Drycleaners

May 7, 2012 – IWA, the largest supplier of business insurance to the Fabricare/Drycleaning Industry, has been working with local insurance brokers to offer their drycleaning clients superior protection at competitive rates for many years now. However, in a statement from Adam Weber, President of IWA – “Our efforts to broadcast our message that drycleaners don’t need to fire their current broker to gain access to our insurance program, hasn’t reached the audience we had hoped. We have now opened a new unit devoted exclusively to spreading the message that IWA wants to maintain the local business people’s working relationship, and provide them (the drycleaner and the local insurance broker) access to the superior coverage and pricing that has been IWA’s hallmark for 66 years.”

To that end, IWA has created a division headed by Christine (Tina) Brazier. This division will be dedicated to delivering the message to Fabricare Professionals and their local brokers. As Tina stated, “We want to educate the drycleaners and their brokers about their access to our Fabricare Advantage Program, but also educate them on the many coverages designed to provide expanded protection to their business and that are rarely found in their current insurance products. It’s amazing what happens when a drycleaner encourages their broker to look into our program. Most brokers (and nearly all drycleaners) thank us for the education and for filling in coverage gaps, and more often than not, the Big Savings. It’s the proverbial Win‐Win—Better coverage at a Lower Rate through the broker of your choice!” Of course drycleaners can work directly with IWA’s experienced sales staff, but IWA tries to encourage the use of the local agent whenever possible. In addition to Tina, John Leidner is responsible as Broker/Agency Liaison and Colleen Christner is responsible for Marketing Support.

Tina further explained; “This newly established department will strive to enhance the working relationships between drycleaners and their local insurance agent. Because local business people prefer working with other local businessmen, IWA will strive to maintain that relationship. In this way, drycleaners will be able to continue working with local agents (usually their own customer), while the agent is given the opportunity to offer their clients, as well as other local drycleaners, IWA’s superior and proven insurance program.

Having owned a Local Insurance Agency for over 20 years, it’s a pleasure to work for a company that still values the local business relationship. I love the idea that I can offer this exclusive insurance program to the local business (drycleaner), through the local insurance agent of their choice and not “cut out the middle man” as so often is the case these days”.

Irving Weber Associates (IWA), with over 66 years of specializing in providing insurance programs and protection to the dry cleaning industry has grown to be the single, largest supplier of business insurance protection to the Fabricare industry. At twice the size of their nearest competitor – IWA has proven that their specialty program, services and claims handling is the answer to inferior programs without having to pay more.

For more information drycleaners or Brokers can call Tina to discuss their insurance needs or to provide her with their agent information (800‐243‐1811 X8207). She and her staff look forward to spreading the word and providing the Fabricare Advantage Program coverage benefits and savings to a much greater audience.