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IWA Launches New Website with Marketing Tools for Agents

October 8, 2012 – IWA has launched their new website, ( which allows the local insurance broker the ability to create customized brochures for marketing IWA’s Advantage Insurance Programs to their local business neighbors (such as Drycleaners, Laundromats, Convenience Stores, Grocers and Restaurants). This easy to use, online marketing tool allows brokers to enter their agency contact information directly onto IWA’s industry specific insurance brochures for printing, either professionally or right in their own office.


IWA has always strived to work shoulder to shoulder with the local insurance agencies, helping to advance their business; encouraging them to differentiate themselves by working with IWA’s proven Programs to pursue the prospective local businesses that they frequent every day, such as Drycleaners, Laundromats, Convenience Stores, Grocers, and Restaurants.  Before working directly with a prospect, IWA always asks the prospective business owner for their insurance agent information.  This allows IWA to contact the agent and offer them the opportunity to obtain a proposal from one of IWA’s Insurance Programs, which are specific to their customers business versus an off-the-shelf carrier product.


In a statement from Adam Weber, President of IWA – “My grandfather, Irving Weber, began IWA in 1946 as a local insurance agency, offering insurance to the local, neighborhood businesses. Although we grew into a national program specialist, IWA will continue to work to strengthen and revitalize the local neighborhood business relationships.”  IWA spends countless hours, and a large portion of its marketing budget, on identifying and contacting the prospective program participant’s current agent.  IWA isn’t looking to fire the local agent.  We are looking to partner with them.  IWA wants to work with the local broker to deliver the best and most specific insurance solution to benefit all involved.  Adam Weber stated that “IWA understands the importance of conducting business locally.  This is how the country was built and the best way for local communities to get back on track.”


With their new website and the ability to imprint a local agency’s contact information (name, address, phone, email etc) onto IWA’s Brochures, the local insurance broker gains access to comprehensive programs and marketing materials they would otherwise need to create, at great expense to their own agencies.  This is just one more way that IWA preserves the local business relationship while providing access to their proven industry specific programs.


For more information call Christine (Tina) Brazier, Marketing Coordinator 800-243-1811 X8207.  We encourage you to visit IWA’s website at or email them at [email protected].