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Irving Weber Announces Updated FabriCare Advantage Program

For more than 70 years, Irving Weber Associates has been supplying clients in the dry cleaning and clothing sector specialized coverage through comprehensive solutions, namely our FabriCare Advantage™ program. This insurance program, specific to dry cleaners, restoration companies, and textile/linen suppliers, as well as coin-operated laundromats, protects businesses through targeted coverage for a broad range of operations.

Now, IWA is proud to announce that that same great coverage is expanding beginning January 1, 2020.

Fabricare Advantage™ will now be written through Arrowhead Core Commercial/QBE, providing two tiers of coverage for clients. Being able to choose between Standard and Elite, IWA Agents and policyholders can customize their insurance coverage, putting them in the best position to take care of their customers without having to worry about major claims or disruptions in operations.

Both forms include sub-limits for transit, storage, damage in process, mysterious disappearance, delivery E&O, and furriers customers coverage with 1 deductible per incident rather than separate deductibles per garment.  The Standard Bailee form will give $500,000 in Bailee coverage, and, for those business owners’ who require unlimited Bailee, IWA will offer their Elite Bailee Form. Replacement Costs per article/garment as well as Restoration coverage options are both available on the Elite Form.  You can view the coverage information for both options here.

Stay tuned for more information on these great updates from Irving Weber Associates!

About Irving Weber Associates

At Irving Weber Associates, Inc., we understand what it takes to run a successful Dry Cleaner, Coin Operated Laundromat, Textile/Linen Supply business, Restoration, or Commercial Launderer, including investing in a comprehensive Insurance Program to ensure that you are financially protected against claims. Our program, Fabricare Advantage™, offers overall business insurance coverages including General Liability, Property, Site Pollution Liability, Boiler & Machinery Equipment Breakdown, Workers’ Compensation, Business Auto, and many more. For a detailed look at how we can help you safeguard your business with a custom-tailored package, please contact our experts today at (800) 243-1811.