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Improving Sustainability in the Laundry Sector

Commercial Laundry Sustainability
The commercial laundry industry is notorious for wasteful practices

Sustainability in the commercial laundry sector is more than just using cold water during wash cycles or low heat when drying. Poor and inefficient usage of resources and equipment can end up not only costing commercial laundry clients a lot of money, but can lead to major environmental issues. What’s more, the federal government and the public are both keeping a watchful eye on how businesses treat the environment.

How to Make Laundry Sustainability Possible

For these reasons, laundry and linen services need to be diligent about knowing what environmental issues the industry is facing and be proactive about how to operate with more sustainability in mind. True Laundry Sustainability means considering every part of the conversation around conservation and should include a focus on limiting energy and water, as well as seeking out environmentally-friendly processes.

Read on for more information about how laundry sustainability can be approached and achieved.

Sustainable Practices

Traditional commercial laundry machines are known for their wastefulness, especially when it comes to water and energy use. However, there are different ways that waste can be reduced and improve laundry sustainability.

  • Cold Water: It takes a large amount of energy to heat water used in traditional washing machines, and cold water can still be used to disinfect linens. Commercial launderers should opt for cold water instead of hot water to clean clothes, saving energy over time.
  • Monitor Usage: The one thing that makes a laundry business run (i.e. laundry services) might be costing more than needed to operate effectively and efficiently. There is technology today that gives commercial launderers the chance to not only better monitor the cost of a laundry’s operations but the overall usage of individual resources. Energy management systems and energy sensors are becoming more common and laundry software is helping to add some control in usage.
  • Low-Water Laundry Machines: Near-waterless laundry systems allow commercial laundries to save water, detergent, and energy on every load. Water usage can be cut by up to 80% and energy usage by 50% with low-water laundry machines.

No matter what methods are used, the goal should be reducing the consumption of natural resources in fabric care and laundry operations, especially in commercial laundry companies. By using these tips to reduce the environmental footprint, businesses can see major cost savings over time and begin to see more laundry sustainability.

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