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Important Considerations About Dry Cleaners Workers’ Compensation

For dry cleaning businesses, the need to be aware and on top of trends in the workers’ compensation insurance market is more important than ever. Owners and operators should be involved in the process of mitigating potential claim situations for their businesses and employees.

As the industry continues to change in terms of technology, owners and managers face stricter regulations, updated expectations from their clients, and the possibility of decreasing profits. This has put a highlight on more energy-efficient solutions to the drycleaning process while at the same time putting a light on the changes in regulations around staff safety and well-being, bringing to light a new importance on workers’ compensation dry cleaners insurance.

Here are some tips for drycleaning owners and operators when they are selecting this kind of dry cleaners insurance, helping to save money as well as protect your business from major claims and lawsuits.


Owners and managers should make sure to check their job classifications and payroll. Businesses usually have employees stretching across different categories of work, with each employee classified in the highest-rated category for the work they do.

Workers’ compensation is essentially categorized per job category that is held within a business, such as cleaners, front desk, administration, etc., and the payroll amounts categorized for each job area. If a workers’ compensation plan is covering all staff at a business at a higher-risk level job, premiums would usually come in a lot higher than if they’re segmented out.

Certificates for Contractors

Owners and managers should maintain certificates of dry cleaners insurance for all contractors on board. Businesses are held responsible for workers’ compensation on all contracted labor unless the business itself has a current certificate of dry cleaners insurance on file. This can include contractors used for repairs, cleaning operations, auto maintenance, and more.

It’s important to keep these certificates on file for each vendor that you work with and to obtain a certificate before work starts. By filing certificates in a single area, it will streamline an audit for workers’ compensation.

Job Return

Drycleaning owners and managers should be sure to focus on returning their staff to work as quickly and efficiently as possible after an incident and claim. Many business owners relate that staff members do not want to miss out on work, or any more work than they’ve already missed, due to wages, and are worried that if they report an injury they will be fired or retaliated against in some fashion.

Owners should be willing to install work modification for their employees, otherwise, they will go unpaid and miss out on being able to take care of their bills and families. What’s more, a business would be looking at a long, drawn-out workers’ compensation payout, which will cost major money over time. Owners should always encourage and allow injured workers to get the medical attention they need and any actions should be documented. If the employee, on the other hand, refuses medical help, it should still be noted as well as having the employee sign a waiver that says they declined to seek out medical attention on their own regard.

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