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Implementing New Ideas in DryCleaning

Much of the drycleaning industry is supported by the same ideals that have been around since day one. While there isn’t any use in fixing what’s not broken, now is the time to implement new ideas and ramp up business for your drycleaning operation. Novel ideas should be welcomed in order to keep up with a changing economy and customer needs. As we explore these new ideas, ensure your operation is backed by a custom-tailored FabriCare Insurance Program.

Customer of the month.

This is a great way to recognize loyal customers who have been supporting your business for a long time. Ideally, choose someone who is personable, charitable, someone who reaches a milestone, or even someone who has been steady or recently accomplished a major goal. This can be done by talking to customers who regularly come in your store, perusing local newspapers and online publications, and looking into community organizations.

Offer a free drycleaning promotion.

A monthly drawing of about $100 worth of free drycleaning is enough to make any customer interested. Plus, it shows your goodwill and intent.

According to American DryCleaner, it generates some interest in your store, it might get non-customers to sign up, and it shows you are willing to be different. However, set up the parameters. All the customers who purchased $30 worth of dry cleaning over the last three months are included in the drawing. Have some limits on this drawing, otherwise, one-time customers might win the prize.

Simply use your POS system to track who is eligible to enter the contest and hold the winning drawing on a weekend so that your customers are able to come in to see if they’ve won.

New customer meet and greet.

What better way to celebrate new customers than to host a meet and greet once every few months? This way, networking can be done by clients and by your business, and it shows you care about new accounts. Whether they show up or not, your clients simply being aware of this effort is a step in the right direction.

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