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How to Introduce Sustainability to Your Laundromat

It’s no secret that laundry businesses such as laundromats and dry cleaners can use a lot of energy and resources to operate. But with advances in technology these businesses are seeing the ability to go greener while saving more green.

Currently the Environmental Protection Agency is trying to level out the impact laundromats have on the environment through its Design for the Environment program. Laundromats are answering by taking steps to lighten their impact on the environment.  There are a number of ways in which laundromats can fold in sustainable habits in their everyday operations,and, in turn, improve their brand and grow their customer base.

Have the Proper Equipment

Bringing in updated and new equipment may cost a good chunk of cash upfront, but over time it will pay off. Replacing old washers and dryers with new, energy-efficient units, will bring in immediate savings by using less water and electricity and keeping waste down. Saving money over time is something that laundromats can depend on when investing in new units and Laundromat insurance programs aimed at safeguarding against faulty equipment.


Regardless of the location of a business, HVAC use can always be an expensive component to operate.  Running the heat or air conditioning during the varied seasons can put a dent in a business’s bottom line, especially during extreme weather.  In the winter, it’ll help to drop the heat a few degrees when you close up shop for the night instead of shutting it off completely. This will save money, as the system won’t have to use more energy to kick on and heat up the premises.  During the warmer months try opening some windows and doors instead of pumping A/C.

Updating the Lighting

While washers and dryers are the main energy users in a laundromat, lighting can also add to the overall energy usage.  Lights can rack up high bills, especially for locations that have late night or 24-hour operations. Try replacing light bulbs with more eco-friendly options such as compact fluorescents. These use less energy and save money over time.

Additionally, if a laundromat does, in fact, have late night or all-night operations, it can help to have timers for lights, which can turn the lights off when business is slow.


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