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How to Improve Cost-Efficiency and Operations in Commercial Laundry

Like any kind of business heading into a new year, commercial laundries can benefit from reviewing areas where they can save more money and boost efficiency. This could be in looking over items from day-to-day operations that aren’t really necessary or even re-thinking how they’re working with vendors.

No matter how small or big a company is, there are some areas to look into that can save major dollars moving forward into 2020 and beyond.

Don’t Skimp on Commercial Laundry Insurance

Commercial laundry insurance is an important piece of protection for commercial laundries. Not having commercial laundry insurance is like driving without insurance, opening up the door to plenty of costly liabilities.

Companies should review their coverage every year to see if they are keeping the right level of insurance. Commercial laundry insurance protects businesses from mechanical problems on equipment as well as major claims from vendors or clients.

Work Within The Right Hours

Don’t allow machinery to be used or left running when the day is over. You may want to leave a load going on your way out, but this puts a strain on air compressors and boilers. This may be a hard habit to break, but it’s important to cut down on so you’re not wasting resources and energy.

Are You Loading Correctly?

Loading washing equipment to the proper poundage should be a common practice, but it’s still good to review and make sure everything is up to the right level. When a machine is under-loaded, you will see an increase in the water and steam usage for the load, also causing you to run more loads. This will increase your chemical usage and drain your resources.

Small loads that come out of the washers will mean small loads being transferred into dryers, which can take longer to dry than the right size of loads.

Use the Right Maintenance Systems

A major part of increasing production in a commercial laundry operation and saving money is making sure the equipment is running smoothly and correctly. There are a number of preventative maintenance systems that can help to ensure your maintenance schedule is being run correctly.

This move can also help you schedule predictive maintenance projects in the future. Things like air cylinders that are made for a certain number of cycles until they need replacement can be looked at. Replace them before they hurt production, and in turn, increase downtime.

Laundries that operate without even looking for ways to cut costs and alleviate production errors are running the risk of wasting resources. This is a combination that could see laundries become disadvantaged against their competitors in the industry, causing them to either charge more, cut staff, or go out of business.

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