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How Drycleaners Can Gain an Edge in the Industry

We’ve discussed a few times in recent months steps that drycleaners can take to get ahead in their business. With changes constantly happening in the industry though, it’s important to stay knowledgeable about trends and news in the field. This is especially relevant now, coming off the heels of the most recent Clean Show. If the Clean Show 2015 taught drycleaners anything, it should have been that the drycleaning industry is going through a transition.

Technology has made it easier than ever for consumers to find resources to fix things themselves, and this definitely comes into play with cleaning clothes. Yes, it is true that one must understand the character of the fabric, the fiber content, etc. to truly know how to remove stains from “dry clean only” clothing and textiles, but that doesn’t mean that the average consumer isn’t going to at least try it themselves to cut costs. When they can’t do it themselves, they will seek out a drycleaner with the best price, customer service, or even accessibility.

So knowing this, how does a drycleaner gain an edge in the increasingly competitive industry? It’s all about creating customer loyalty. Customer loyalty involves a customer coming back for more, but how do you achieve this? Although it does take work, the answer to this is relatively simple. You want a customer to have an allegiance with your brand or product, so in return you must know your customers, analyze the competition, and make changes and improvements that will make their loyalty worth it to them.

Drycleaners should consistently focus on quality and service, and should change their services to meet current market conditions or customer needs. Keeping costs as low as possible and profit margins reasonable will also help build and retain customer loyalty. One-size-fits-all pricing and service schedules may not always be the wise choice for your business; you want to effectively satisfy as diverse a customer base as possible.

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