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How Dry Cleaners Should Handle Broken or Malfunctioning Equipment

How Dry Cleaners Should Handle Broken or Malfunctioning Equipment

For those who work in the dry cleaning industry, it’s no secret that dealing with a malfunctioning piece of equipment is something that can throw a whole day’s operations off. There is only so much you can prepare for when something breaks down, especially if it’s a central piece of equipment at the center of the day’s tasks.

It’s important to understand what to look out for when it comes to faulty equipment and how to fix things when problems arise. Here’s a better look at how to handle malfunctioning equipment in dry cleaning.

Machinery Issues and Check-Ups

Businesses can face a number of maintenance and repair issues. Some major problems related to leaks and gasket issues can end up costing you time, money, and even customers. Keeping an eye out for things like water waste or listening for worn belts can help narrow down the issues at hand and assess what needs to be done earlier on to prevent mechanical issues from popping up.

Another problem that dry cleaners are accustomed to seeing is around vibrating machine parts that shouldn’t be vibrating at all. This could be a sign of something being off-balance or another more concerning problem around the integrity of the machine as a whole.

Sometimes, simply cleaning the machines on a regular basis will help to keep risks and issues low. Not having regular cleaning can end up creating clogs and the major shutdown of machines. Before you call a repair professional, try to assess the issues yourself and narrow down what the issue can be.

What to Do When Problems Occur

Once a problem is assessed correctly it’s important to work to get everything back up and running as soon as you can.

First, you can call a repair service to explain what the problem is and what you’ve done to try to limit the damage. The repair service can either send someone out or walk you through simple steps to fix it on your own, which may be a less expensive choice.

Another contact to get in touch with is your dry cleaners insurance carrier, such as Irving Weber Associates. Having dry cleaners insurance will help to provide the resources needed to get machines fixed and back to their working status. Certain coverage highlights can also provide replacements for machines if they are beyond repair.

It also helps to try to focus on other tasks that need to get done in the meantime. One mechanical problem shouldn’t bring everything to a halt, so it’s important to keep the business moving as much as you can.

Next, inform your customers that there’s a problem with one or more of your machines and that you’re already on top of fixing it. If any issues create delays, it’s vital to know how to manage customers’ expectations and issues. When getting in contact with customers make sure to be apologetic and as informative as possible.

Taking care of these issues can be difficult, so keeping calm and staying on top of the problem and working with your repair service all combine to help keep stress low. Something like a machine malfunction can bring a major halt to a business. It’s important to do what you can to limit risks and time away from what needs to get done.

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